Employees at Ewing Automotive include technicians that are ASE-Certified in several fields including General Maintenance, Tune Ups and Engine Diagnostic & Repair, among others. Billy Ewing says to be an auto mechanic, or technician, “You have to know more than a doctor because the human body hasn’t changed since the first one was created. In the automotive field we can’t stay the same. The automobile has and will constantly change.”

Ewing Automotive does a lot of in-house work as opposed to just being part changers. They do all their own certified cylinder head, surface lathe and mill port work. They also repair items on vehicles by repairing existing parts when possible.

“At Ewing Automotive we go in-depth to repair vehicles that many other shops can’t because due to lack of experience and knowledge,” says Billy Ewing. “It takes years of experience to become a good mechanic by seeing and hearing different problems… that you can’t learn in a classroom.”

For the past few years, Ewing Automotive has been an installer of JASPER re-manufactured gas engines, (with installation kits), transmissions and differentials. “JASPER’s products come ready to install,” says Billy. “They have an excellent, friendly staff of inside and outside personnel and a warranty that you can depend on, especially when you need it.”

The business philosophy at Ewing Automotive is a simple one: “You’re only as good as the work you do and the products you sell. Customers are special because they pick Ewing Automotive,” added Ewing. “They could have gone somewhere else but the chose to come to us.”